Friday, September 24, 2004

The Case of the Missing Case

It seems like only yesterday Yaser Hamdi was so dangerous we couldn't let him see a lawyer, much less go before a jury. That at least was the President's claim. But when the Supreme Court said, sorry, W., we won't let you deprive a citizen of his liberty without any process whatsoever--we won't let you do like Charles I, who lost his head for this kind of thing--the President suddenly thought again.

Now Hamdi, instead of being too horrible to put on trial, is apparently going to be sent back to Saudi Arabia. Since we can't hold him incommunicado, we'll settle for keeping him out of the country, taking away his citizenship, and making him agree to some travel restrictions.

And John Kerry flip-flops?

Another joke. But if Hamdi really is as dangerous as we used to think, we've just sent a terrorist back to a country that promotes radical Islam.

We could die laughing.


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