Friday, September 24, 2004

Of Cats and G-Men

I take homeland security very seriously. I wish my government would.

Example: Today's security headline was that Cat Stevens was detained flying into this great country. This is actually quite a story, except it belongs in The Onion. What is Cat Stevens going to do--cast his Moonshadow on us?!

And it's worse than that: Not only has Cat Stevens somehow landed on the no-fly list (I guess he'll have to take the Peace Train in the future), but despite being on the list (along with certain members of Congress), he was able to get on a plane.

In other words, the Department of Hopeless Security wanted to keep a former pop star off U.S.-bound aircraft, but couldn't manage it. Hopeless indeed.

But at least DHS is still on a Cat-hunt. Osama means Cat, and the Macavity of terror is still on the loose.

Funny, isn't it.

We could die laughing.


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